Functional Medicine
& Homoeopathy
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“giving back your precious life”
through Functional Medicine and Homoeopathy
ABOUT ME ‘Treating patients, not symptoms”

I have always been passionate about herbs and healing since a very young age and brought up in a family that follows the traditional Ayurveda system of healing. I pursued my love of science and healing by studying Pharmacy at Leicester University.

I have been practicing pharmacy for over two decades and felt that the conventional model of restoring health back to patient just wasn’t working, and in fact the patient seems to get worse on long term medications.

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FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE Functional Medicine is a tailor-made to help these patients. The Functional Medicine approach recognizes that the same symptom may have myriad of causes, so it makes no sense to give all patients who have symptoms the same treatment. Such approach often merely suppresses symptoms, yet does nothing to correct the underlying problem. Functional Medicine practitioners treat patients, not symptoms. We examine all the possible causes of chronic dysfunction and ferret out a solution that addresses the cause for that patient. Best of all, this approach allows us to help far more of those “hard to treat” patients. So when we see a patient that has for example a chief complaint that is fatigue, we feel sense of hope and confidence that we can reverse the progression of disease.

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OUR SERVICES At Sanjivani we have an extensive range of Homoeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements used in Functional Medicine available through our online shop.

Sanjivani is a unique Clinic offering a personalized approach to healthcare, reintegrating the Art and Science of Medicine, and aim for a dynamic balance among the internal and external factors in an individual’s body, mind and spirit.

We also offer consultations and treatment from Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner who is also a Classical Homoeopath and a Pharmacist.

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Exercise & Movement

Much of today’s work takes place while sitting. This means that adults with an 8-hour workday often sit for long periods especially if watching television in the evening.

Just as there are health consequences of not paying attention to food have led to dramatic increases in chronic diseases, likewise a move towards extended periods of sedentary behaviour are linked to a wide variety of health problems, including obesity, cardiovascular, diabetes.

So encouraging patients to move around, regular exercise is more strongly associated with prevention and improvements in Cardiometabolic health, glucose regulation and hence insulin sensitivity, improves mood, immune system so resist infection, improves sleep, combats stress, improves energy, improves structural integrity and much more.

Combining with resistance training the benefits are enormous:

• Improve lean body mass

• Increases strength

• Decrease injury

• Improves tone and appearance

• Helps weight management and insulin resistance

• Hormonal benefits in regard to growth hormone and testosterone.

In our Clinic we plan an exercise prescription for you and monitor its effects.